Gameplay Leaked for Cancelled Gears of War Tactics, Kinect Based Title

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

gears of war
Back in 2013 and even 2012 we had been hearing a lot about Gears of War Tactics, a new title that would have made good use of the Kinect. The game was said to be in development for Xbox 360; however, the project got canned before we could judge it properly.

While this might be a bit too late, a video has surfaced showing leaked gameplay footage for the same game that was going to be called Gears of War Tactics. It was going to be a real time strategy title.

The video was initially posted by VG Leaks and from there it went viral all over. It is a short two minute long clip that has probably been taken out of the alpha stage of the game as that was when the title got cancelled.

Back then, the console makers were transitioning the ecosystem of gaming with the original Kinect, Move and WiiMote. However, not all the iterations came out with a positive result; especially not the heartthrob titles of the hardcore gamers.

While you check out how Gears of War Tactics might have looked on your screens had it made it to the store, do consider how a title for such a powerful IP gets shoved away.

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