Destiny Venus Strike Mission Winter’s Run Guide

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

Apart from story missions, a raid and a patrol, Venus has 2 Strike Missions as well intended to be played as a 3 man fireteam. The first strike, Winter’s Run is for level 14 players and takes place in Ishtar Sink.

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Destiny Venus Strike Mission Winter’s Run

The strike can be divided into three parts: infiltrating the enemy base, clearing out all hostiles and killing the main boss, Aksor the Archon Priest.

Infiltrating Winter’s Lair
The starting part of the strike is pretty simple, players have to get to the enemy zone just like they did in Winter’s Scourge through the Ember Caves.

Fighting through the Ember Caves will lead them to entrance of the Winter’s Lair, a Darkness Zone. The initial part of the Lair will be serving as a battlefield for Vex and Fallen.

Players can choose to jump into the foray as soon as they reach the place for some extra experience and loot or wait a bit until the enemies kill a decent number of each other. Fighting through the caverns, players will come up on a Hydra being guarded by Goblins and Hobgoblins.

The main focus of this battle should be on the Hydra since it can do a massive amount of damage, but that doesn’t mean the weaker enemies should be ignored because they can swarm players making it impossible to survive or help other fireteam members.

After the Hydra is defeated, players can move on to the next battle between Fallen and Vex. Once they are all dead, players can proceed to the Cinders.

Clearing out hostiles from the area
Upon entering the new zone, a battle between the Fallen and Vex can be seen from a cliff above. It’s a good idea to kill as many of them as possible from this high vantage point using a long-range weapon so that once the players drop down, they encounter less resistance.

When the entire battlefield is cleared, players can deploy Ghost to open up the hatch leading to the next area. While Ghost is opening up the hatch, waves of Vex enemies will attack the players.

The first wave of Vex will include Goblins and a Major Minotaur. Cover should be utilized as much as possible here and Void weapons are the quickest way to kill them all.

The 2nd wave consists of Goblins and Major Hobgoblins. There is no special strategy here besides staying on the move and using cover.

The 3rd wave can be a bit challenging since it brings two Major Hydras along with a large number of Harpies.

The weaker Harpies should be focused first so that players can recharge their abilities and Super while also allowing more room to navigate. When all the Harpies are dead, Hydras can be killed easily if Super Abilities are used properly.

Once all three waves are over, the hatch will open and players can proceed. Players have to follow the path till they reach four Pikes, which are basically Sparrows armed with weapons.

The Pikes should be used to travel through the Ash Coves and the cannons on board can help kill the Vex enemies in the way pretty easily. The Pikes should be protected for as long as possible by using rocks to avoid incoming fire.

Further along the path players will encounter two Major Hydras, and the Pikes are really useful here in taking them down since they do massive damage compared to normal weapons.

After the Hydras are dead, players can dismount and proceed to Winter’s Run where Fallen will be fighting the Vex in a small clearing.

Fallen reinforcements keep coming in and there is a Major Captain in the area as well. Having killed both enemy factions, players can proceed to the nearby prison cells and release Aksor.

Killing Aksor, the Archon Priest
Aksor is an Ultra Captain but has no shield, however he compensates for that with his massive amount of health.

He uses a Shrapnel Launcher like other Captains but of course it does a lot more damage compared to those and also has a Foot Stomp ability to push players back if they get too close to him.

Aksor’s weak spot is his head so players should focus fire on it while avoiding the Shrapnel Launcher by using cover and not staying in open areas for too long.

Like other Captains, Aksor can also use the teleport ability to get out of harm’s way or to get close to players which means there aren’t a lot of chances for snipers to take up positions and focus on his head.

The best weapons for this fight would be a shotgun or an automatic rifle with a good rate of fire and decent stability.

Heavy Weapons and Super Abilities should be used on his head as soon as they are available for maximum effectiveness and the weaker Fallen enemies which join the battle can be used to refill ammo.

The Fallen which join Aksor will initially just be Shanks but they should be eliminated quickly since they can overwhelm players.

After them a Servitor and eventually some Sniper Vandals will also join in which means players should use cover as much as possible and quickly focus on taking down the snipers.

Stealth Vandals will also appear so it’s not a good idea to stay in one place for a long time.

Players should continuously monitor each other in case if someone dies and try to revive them as soon as possible or focus on surviving if all the other fireteam members are dead because if everyone dies, the mission fails.

Constant focus of fire on Aksor will eventually kill him, and the mission will succeed.

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