Destiny Venus Strike Mission ‘The Nexus Guide

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

The 2nd Strike Mission on Venus, The Nexus, takes place in Ishtar Commons and begins with players moving in to the Ishtar Academy. The strike is intended for level 14 players and Arc or Void damage types are advised while Solar is the best possible one.

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Destiny Venus Strike Mission The Nexus

The Nexus can be divided into two parts: finding The Nexus and killing The Nexus.

Finding The Nexus
As players move into the Ishtar Academy, they can see Vex and Fallen fighting each other in the Ishtar Commons. The enemies can be avoided by rushing past them or players can choose to kill some of them for extra experience and loot.

The entrance to the next zone is located on the other side of the Commons, which also leads to the Darkness Zone of the Strike. Once inside the area, a Servitor along with its Fallen guards appears for a total of three waves.

The first wave starts on in a second-floor room on the right with the Servitor being guarded by Dregs and Vandals. The doorway to the room can be used as a cover to kill the enemies without allowing them to leave the room.

The second wave begins from the far corner on the ground floor where a Shank also joins the Servitor, Dreg and Vandals. Most of this battle takes place in an open area so players need to eliminate enemies really quickly. The final wave will have a Captain guarding a Major Servitor.

Once all the waves are complete, players have to proceed to the 2nd floor of a building and kill more Fallen as they proceed to the walkway and ultimately drop down to some steps on the right. This path leads to a new area, Dig Site which is a battleground for Fallen and Vex.

The weaker enemies can be killed here for experience as players proceed to a nearby basement filled with Harpies.

The final area of the dig site puts players against Gobins, Hobgoblins and a Minotaur but careful use of cover can result in clearing this area pretty quickly.

Following the path will lead players to The Nexus, which they will first observe from a cliff before jumping down. A double jump should be used here just before players touch the ground to avoid damage.

A few Minotaurs are scattered in this area and the best way to take them on is one by one as a whole team and use void weapons on them to quickly eat away their shields.

After the Minotaurs are dead, players will be facing off against the boss; Sekrion, Nexus Mind.

Killing The Nexus
Sekrion is an Ultra Hydra whose weak spot is his eye so players should focus on that instead of other parts of the body. Like other bosses, Sekrion also has a Stomp attack to knock back Guardians if they get too close along with dual wielded Torch Hammers.

Torch hammers can be used to launch an attack, Aeon Maul, which fires an explosive projectile at players. This attack should be avoided at all costs by dodging and hiding behind cover since it does a lot of damage.

Sekrion is protected by the usual shield Hydras have, and it just moves around in the circular central part of the map and doesn’t move outside it so it is possible to damage him from outside the area while avoiding his attacks by using the various obstacles as a cover.

It’s a good idea for the fireteam to spread around the boss in order to distract it as well as inflict damage whenever the shield rotates away from their area.

Throughout the fight Harpies, Gobins and Hobgoblins will spawn outside the central perimeter and they should be killed for ammo and experience but while staying behind cover so that Sekrion doesn’t target the players and kill them.

Supers and Heavy Weapons should be used on his eye as soon as they become available to deal critical damage to Nexus’ massive health pool until it eventually reaches zero and explodes marking the end of the Strike mission.

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