Destiny PvP Loadouts Guide For Crucible With Best Mods

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

Bungie’s Destiny puts huge stress on team-oriented gameplay and for this reason alone; it’s a good idea to assign different roles to different players; especially in PVP combat. To take out the best out of a role, it’s essential that each player is equipped with the best loadout.

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Destiny PvP Loadouts and Best Mods

Now the best thing to do is to experiment with different pieces of equipment and create a unique loadout that’s best suited to you. Since experimenting is the key to craft a unique loadout, we’ve compiled a list of loadout(s) which you can use to build your character.

Destiny PvP Loadouts for Crucible

You don’t have to follow them exactly the way they are, but consider them rather an outline to build up your unique loadout. Check them out and remove/add certain components as necessary! I’ve also provided some of the weapon mods that are better adapted to a number of situations that might occur during PVP combat.

Gunslinger Hunter
For the Gunslinger Hunter, the movement mode that we have chosen is Triple Jump as it will allow you to traverse the map in a much better way and even come out of certain gunfights that you might be losing.

For the grenade, go with Tripmine as it allows players to Tripmine one location and focus their attention on other things. Furthermore, it’ll alert players of any intrusion – quite useful while playing objective.

For the melee, Incendiary Blade is the way to go for additional fire damage to enemies. For the super ability, Gunfighter will allow you to reduce the cooldown time of the Golden Gun, allowing you to deal solar damage to the enemies.

For the stat perks, Path of Forgotten and Way of the Drifter are recommended as they provide agility, which is pretty important in most of the situations. And coming to the perks, Gambler’s Dagger and Scavenger to give you an additional Throwing Knife and to pick up ammo.

Bladedancer Hunter
For the Bladedancer Hunter, go with Blink. For grenades, Arcbolt grenade deals lightning damage to all nearby foes. For the melee attacks, you can go with Blink Strike and Escape Artist to gain invisibility advantage over your opponents.

For the super ability, go with Arcblade and Vanish to again catch your enemy’s off-guard while being invisible. For the stat perks, Path Forbidden and Way of the Nomad are recommended. And lastly, for perks, try out Fleet Footed and Hungering Blade.

Voidwalker Warlock
For the Voidwalker Warlock, choose Focused Burst for glide as it will allow you to gain a speed boost to reach objectives faster. For the grenade, it is recommended that you go with Axion Bolt, which is pretty useful to weaken a cluster of enemies.

For the melee attack, go with Soul Rip, which reduces the cool down of Nova Bomb, which will serve as our super ability. For the stat perks, Arcane Spirit and Divine Order are recommended.

And lastly, for the perks, go with Vortex Mastery and Embrace the Void.

Sunsinger Warlock
For the sunsinger Warlock, once again go with Focused Burst Glide with Firebolt Grenades. Your melee attack should contain Scorch and Flame Shield. As for your super ability, Radiance along with Radiant Skin is a good choice.

For the stat perks, Arcane Spirit and Divine Order are recommended as in the case of Voidwalker Warlock. Lastly, for the perks, it’s recommended that you go with Viking Funereal and Touch of Flame.

Defender Titan
For the Defender Titan, the movement mode that is recommended is Catapul Lift, which will give you a small boost of momentum. For the grenade type, you can either go for Magnetic Grenade or Suppressor Grenade.

Magnetic Grenade will stick to an enemy and will explode twice while the Suppressor Grenade will render enemy’s abilities useless.

For the melee attack, go with Disintegrate and Unbreakable. For the super ability, check out Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light which will allow you and your teammates an increased weapon damage. For the stat perks, check out the Titan Codex I and Titan Codex IV which focuses on toughness.

And lastly, for the perks, go with Relentless and Illuminated.

Striker Titan
For the Striker Titan movement, check out Catapul Lift – same as the Defender Titan. For the grenade type, go with Flashbang or Pulse Grenade. For the melee attacks, check out Super Storm Fist and Illuminated. Your super ability should comprise of Fist of Havoc and Aftermath.

Coming to stat perks, try to go for Titan Codex II and Titan Codex VI, which focuses on toughness and agility at the same time. And lastly, for the perks, it’s recommended that you go with Transfusion and Shoulder Charge.

Alternate PvP Loadout #1
For your weapon, go with any Auto Rifle with decent Impact. It’s ideal that you go for something that has a decent rate of fire. However, do note that you will have to manually control the recoil of the guns with high rate of fire.

For your secondary weapon, don’t forget to give any shotgun a chance! You can also go for a sniper rifle, but since we’re going with an Auto Rifle, we can somewhat cover medium to long range with it; therefore, shotgun will come in very handy in close-quarters.

For your special weapon, rocket launchers are really very effective to be used against the cluster of enemies, but for some reason, I find them to be very situational. Therefore, try and give machinegun a go. With a high rate of fire, all you need to do spray and pray.

Check out Voidwalker Warlock above for other details to add on this loadout.

Alternate PvP Loadout #2
For the primary weapon, do check out the Cydonia AR3 if you somehow acquired it. This gun is what you call the perfect balance of Impact and Rate of Fire. You’ll most probably get this gun during the Devil’s Lair strike mission.

Once again, since the Cydonia AR3 conveniently covers medium to a long range, I’ve again decided to go with Copperhead MK-32 shotgun. This shotgun has pretty insane damage and is a 1-2 shot at close range.

For the heavy weapon, like I said in the previous build, rocket launchers are not ideal to use during the PVP combat. I mean, in PVE combat, you may find a cluster of enemies roaming around in the same area, but in PVP, this is highly unlikely to happen. Therefore, stick to the machine gun.

As for the class and other details, check out the basic loadout samples provided above.

Alternate PvP Loadout #3
For this loadout, the choice of grenade is again a Flashbang. Since this grenade has quite a lengthy duration effect, it is pretty useful in PVP combat.

Increased Control will grant your character better control while in the air. This makes for better manoeuvrability and map traversing.

Aftermath is pretty decent since it makes the Fist of Havoc leave a high-damage area. This comes in very handy to defend capture points and chokepoints. Illuminated will let you spam aftermaths to better control an area.

And finally, with Shoulder Charge, you will be able to unleash a devastating melee attack on the enemies for increase damage which will probably kill the opponent.

Alternate PvP Loadout #4
With Voidwalker Warlock, go for the Vortex Grenade since it deals massive amount of damage and is pretty useful for controlling capture points.

Life Steal will let you quickly get back into the fights even after an enemy has damaged your armour.

Since the Voidwalker Warlock suffers from some pretty bad armour and agility, make sure to check out Arcane Force which will cover all these weaknesses.

With the Hunger and Embrace the Void, you will get Energy Drain for every time vortex and vortex grenades will damage enemies.

Alternate PvP Loadout #5
With the subsinger sub-class, go with the Solar Grenade which kinds of works like the Vortex Grenade and is pretty useful in controlling a capture point.

For the movement, you can go with anything that you prefer, but I would recommend going for Focused Burst to evade heavily engaging areas and getting to chokepoints faster.

Flame Shield lets you get back on the field after one-on-one engagement with an enemy. The Song of Flame is more team-oriented as you can throw this near a capture zone or control point and it will give your whole team an advantage.

Radiant Wall is another component which is based to encourage the teamplay and will allow your teammates to get cooldowns much faster. And lastly, with the Gift of Sun, you will gain better map control, but it is important that you learn the spawn points of the enemies.

Best PvP Mods for Crucible

There is a wide variety of mods to choose from in Bungie’s Destiny. While it’s better to try out different mods for yourself and see which ones work best for you, I’ve compiled a list of mods that proved highly effective throughout my experience of PVP.

Below, you’ll find some of the best weapon mods for PVP:

Third Eye
This mod allows you to keep an eye on the radar while aiming down sights. Certainly one of the best mods out there to use in PVP where you constantly need to check your radar to know your enemy’s location.

Final Round
This weapon mod allows you to get a boost of 33% more damage at the end of every magazine which is pretty useful with sniper rifles and shotgun which suffer from smaller magazine sizes.

Fitted Stock
Unlike many popular shooters out there, Fitted Stock in Destiny increases the stability of the weapon by 25%. However, it’s only available for legendary scout rifles.

Precision killing an enemy while using this weapon mod adds a 50% additional blast solar damage to all nearby targets, but is only available on legendary scout and sniper rifles.

Glass Half Full
This is another useful weapon mod to use in both PVP and PVE. What this does is that it increases the damage of your lower half of magazine by 6%.

This weapon mod can be used on every weapon and increases the stability of the weapons by 9%. Pretty useful mod to use in both PVP and PVE.

Hammer Forged
This is one useful mod for weapons which suffer from a short range. This weapon actually increases the range of the weapon, but also increases its reload time by a small margin.

Crowd Control
This mod allows you to get 15% bonus damage for three seconds after scoring a kill of an enemy. This can be used to create chain kills and keep on increasing the damage.

This mod allows you to increase the distance that your character covers while sliding. Sliding is important in PVP as it allows you to immediately get to cover and escape close gunfights.

Accelerated Coils for Fusion Rifles
This mod decreases the charge timer for fusion rifles making them very effective at close range.

Perfect Balance
This perk is extremely useful as it lowers down the recoil drastically and increases stability. This mod has the capacity to turn any gun into a laser beam even at long range.

Hip Fire
Players who like to spray and prey should go for this mod. When applied on the Full Auto rifles, this mod tightens the spread of the bullets while firing from the hip. It’s also very useful when using shotguns.

Speed Reload
This mod is perfect for weapon having sluggish reload times. It’s able to increase the reload time of all weapons by about 50%.

Grenades and Horseshoes
This mod allows rocket launcher missiles to explode when they’re in two meter radius of the target instead of when they make impact with the ground.

Spray and Play
This is another reload speed enhancer mod which increases the reload speed of weapon when you have an empty magazine.

Feeding Frenzy
Yet another reload speed enhancer mod which increases the reload speed of the weapons when score a kill using it.

Luck in the Chamber
This is a really effective mod to use in PVP as it allows you to have increased bullet damage for any random bullet in your magazine.

Cluster Bomb
This weapon mod is exclusive to rocket launchers and spreads the missiles into tiny cluster bombs that make a wider explosion and hit additional targets.

Heavy Payload
This weapon mod is similar to cluster bomb and increases the area of impact of rocket launchers.

Share your own favourite loadout(s) and recommended mods with us in the comments below!

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