Destiny Crucible PvP Tips and Strategy Guide

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

In Bungie’s Destiny, the crucible introduces you to the PVP combat against the other human Guardians. It’s the crucible that tests the nerve of these Guardians by pitting them against each other. Only the fittest can survive this challenge.

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Destiny Crucible PvP Tips

In this guide, I’ll be talking about most of the things that come under crucible.

Crucible PVP Combat

PVP in Destiny is not so different from PVE when we consider things like weapons, mods, perks, controls, etc., but in their true essence, both are rather opposite.

Having to face another human player is always challenging than facing off AI-controlled enemy. There are some general tips that one should keep in mind especially after leaping from PVE to PVP which I’ll discuss later in the guide.

Learning the Maps and Understanding the Motion Tracker
Immediately after starting PVP combat, the first thing to work on is map-layout. Good players always possess deeper understanding of the maps and correctly judging how enemies will behave.

By learning the maps better, you’ll consequently, be able to put Motion Tracker to a better use. Being in crouched position will make appear on enemy’s radar with less frequency.

Always remember that the Motion Tracker is completely red when an enemy is on the same level as you and partially red when an enemy is either below or above your current location.

Hints from Enemy/Ally Nameplates
Similar to popular shooters out there, targeting an enemy will display its HP bar along with the Gamertag/PSN ID in red colour.

While this gives you a good idea of their remaining HP and exact location, the thing you need to see whether their nameplate is highlighted in yellow or not.

If the nameplate of an enemy/ally player is highlighted in yellow colour, that particular player has its super ready – be careful!

Crucible Marks
Crucible Marks is the currency of Destiny’s PVP mode, which is not awarded on the basis of individual performance, but on the team performance.

The PVP currency accumulated by winning PVP matches can be used to buy equipment. Another thing to keep in mind is that capping both Crucible Marks and Vanguard Marks weekly can speed up legendary equipment find rate.

Reviving other Players
Reviving other teammates is very important in some of the game modes. Doing so not only allows you to gain some extra points for your team, but also keeps your team intact.

However, there are some things to consider while reviving a downed teammate:

  • A teammate can be revived from a distance using its Ghost Marker
  • A teammate can be revived while being in cover

Armor – Key to Win the Gunfights
Armour is one of the most important things that keep you alive during most of the gunfights. In most of the gunfights, the player with high armor will mostly be victorious – unless, he’s really bad at the game.

Titans, by default, contain some decent armor, but that can be done with any of the available classes.

After armour, speed or commonly referred to as agility can save you from tons of deaths. Having high agility not only allows you to reach important areas quickly, but also allows you to get away from the losing gunfights.

Furthermore, a fast moving enemy is always difficult to target even from close range. Reaching objectives quickly, flanking enemies, and traversing the maps in a much better way are some of the key uses of having high agility.

Super Moves
In PVP combat, the importance of super moves cannot be neglected. It matters not whether you’re playing with a full-party or in a public match, having fully charged super moves will prove immensely helpful for your team.

Few of the best ways to use super abilities include guarding an objective or make an enemy team flee from an objective. Always keep an eye out on the highlighted yellow nameplate since it indicates whether a player has a super ability or not.

Melee attacks
Melee attacks are extremely powerful in PVP combat – two melee attacks, and a person is dead. It’s very important to be cautious of melee attacks in medium-range and short-range combat.

You can always rely on stepping back, moving sideways, or jumping up to avoid getting hit by a melee attack. Although it’s mostly subjected to the situation, but a couple of shots followed by a single melee attack can guarantee you a kill.

When going in for a melee attack, always keep an eye out on the players carrying shotguns and charged fusion rifles.

Movement is almost same in both PVP and PVE combat modes, depending on its use. Throughout the PVP matches, you’ll mostly be using either crouching or sliding to evade enemies or traverse different maps:

Like I’ve mentioned above, while crouching, you appear on enemy’s Motion Tracker with decreased frequency, which is pretty useful in PVP combat. Not only this, but you can also flank enemies and capture objectives.

Personally, I believe that sliding is more useful in PVP combat than crouching. Sliding gives you a small speed boost which decreases enemy’s reaction time. You can also use sliding to capture an objective and going into the cover instantly.

Other than this, there are some movement options like Hunter’s Double Jump or Blink, which are exclusive to some characters.

Crucible Game Modes

The basic strategy that is involved in this game mode is crowd control and zoning. The idea is to keep enemies away from your zone and keep on holding it.

Players who tend to play for the objective should go for Arc Blade, Ward of Dawn, and Fist of Havoc as their super moves. Using these super moves to clear out an enemy controlled area will prove valuable for your team.

The players who are more into pushing the enemy out of the zones should go for Golden Gun and Radiance since these abilities can easily target a large number of enemy players.

Contrary to Control which focuses on teamwork, Clash is more about your individual performance with less focus on teamwork.

Sunsinger Warlocks and Gunslinger Hunters are some of the best classes to use in this game mode due to the fact that their super abilities can easily take out individual targets.

Defender Titans can use Ward to gain a decent control position, and the team should try to hold it for the maximum time.

Somewhat similar to Clash, Rumble also encourages individual performance. Bladedancer Hunters, Sunsinger Warlocks, and Gunslinger Hunters are recommended in this game mode due to fact that they can easily take out individual targets.

Grenades in arc bolt allow Bladedancer Hunters to be lethal at close-range combat. Any enemy hit with an arc bolt will start with decreased health, which will put you on an advantage – especially in close-ranged combat.

With Gunslinger Hunters, your best bet is to use Golden Gun in the chaos. These dudes can easily control the engagements by trip-mining one area and divert their attention to another area.

And lastly, with Sunsinger Warlocks, try and go with Radiance’s Radiant Skin, Firebolt Grenade, and Touch of Flame. By doing so, you’ll be enhancing your damage dealing capabilities and consequently, more kills.

Skirmish and Salvage
Skirmish is another game mode, which heavily focuses on team-play instead of individual performance. With Defender Titans, try and constantly provide your team with increased damage or shields. You can also use Ward to save your teammates from Nova Bomb or Golden Gun.

As for the Striker Titans and Bladedancer Hunters, they’ll be able to use Arc Blade and Fist of Havoc to clear out the cluster of the enemy team. Furthermore, Fist of Havoc can also destroy a Ward.

And lastly, if you’re planning to engage directly in gunfights and taking points, then go for Gunslinger Hunters. Combinations of all these will ensure that come out as the winning side.

Combined Arms
The basic strategy behind Combined Arms is to know where the vehicles will spawn and then going in for them. Players on vehicles can easily get to the control points and keep the enemies from marching forward.

And in case, you don’t wish to go for the vehicles, try putting the turrets location throughout the map to good use. These turrets are extremely valuable when it comes to stopping pike drivers or on-foot soldiers.

Lastly, machineguns and rocket launchers cannot only stop vehicles, but can also clear out clusters of enemies on control points.

General Tips and Strategies

The foremost and the best advice that anyone can give you is never to fight alone. It’s always better to have a teammate looking at your back. This, however, certainly doesn’t mean that you start moving in a cluster, but fight in a more intelligent manner.

Like I’ve mentioned in the guide above, having a good sense of the game’s maps will always work in your favour. Decent players will always know how the spawn system works and where the enemies will expect them to be and then form their strategies accordingly.

Start practicing and learn different routes and important capture points to increase your knowledge of the maps.

Another thing that is very important to work on is your aim. You’ll often yourself in situation where a guy with no armor will win a gunfight. Learnt to improve your aim and manually control the recoil of your weapon.

Talking about weapons, it’s very important that you experiment with different weapons/mods and then start playing with equipment that works the best for you.

Taking cover is another thing of grave importance! Don’t stand on one location for a prolonged period of time and always be on the move. Other than this, try and avoid enemy’s line of sight at all costs.

Lastly, don’t treat Destiny like any other shooter out there. There are quite a lot of new additions, which can really help you become a good player even if you’re not good at other competitive first-person shooting games.

Make good use of your grenades, double jump, super abilities, and different weapon mods to become a better player, overall.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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