Super Smash Bros Demo Appears On Japanese Nintendo eShop

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

Just a few days to go before fans in Japan will be able to get their hands on the heavily anticipated title Super Smash Bros and to give them a taste of how the game will play, Nintendo has released a demo on Japanese eShop.

The short demo features playable versions of Mega Man, Villager, Mario, Pikachu and Link.

Whether or not the game’s demo will show up on the North American and European Nintendo eShops remains to be seen. Although the company isn’t known for releasing the game demos, so a demo release is a pleasant surprise.

Fans of the game in UK can get the Super Smash Bros as part of a limited edition 3DS bundle.

Players should note that this is no ordinary bundle as it includes the beautiful special edition red 3DS console bundled with a digital copy of the game along with undeniably gorgeous design displaying many of the most recognizable fighters from the series, including some newcomers.

Unfortunately, it is only confirmed for UK so far. If you are in UK, you can order it from the official Nintendo UK store.

Meanwhile the fans in North America can pre-order the game from Amazon for $39.99.

Super Smash Bros will launch this Friday in Japan and a North American release is set for October 3,2014.

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