Piranha Games Get Shadow Banned on Reddit Following Transverse Fallout

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

The Reddit accounts of developer Piranha Games have been shadow banned by the community platform’s administrators following the Transverse fallout.

When will developers and publishers in the video games industry realize that you can never try to censor or forcefully take control of a community. The power of the Internet is a curse in itself and a single mistake can ruin your entire reputation.

In the case of Piranha Games, the developer launched its own Reddit page following the announcement of Transverse yesterday. Things started smoothly but went haywire soon after when other Reddit users started posting their concerns about the game.

Let’s be honest, some of those comments were not at all polite to begin with. Either way, Piranha Games started removing all such comments and postings and by today, the page was rid of it all.

However, the users weren’t going to let this go that easily. Contacting Reddit administrators they complained about the developer’s actions and requested they look into the matter.

Shortly afterwards, all accounts of Piranha Games were shadow banned. It’s important to know that Reddit pages or sub-Reddits are set up by the community themselves. They are never used by developers themselves for self promotion.

True that in some cases, the developers keep close ties with the community volunteers who run their page, but that’s just to ascertain requests and the like. The power always remains with the community.

The page still exists but is now under the command of community members and new moderators. Transverse is currently going through a deep mess. Currently the amount of backers are still under 100 and it doesn’t look like the game will be crowd-funded any time soon.

Source: Transverse Reddit

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