Microsoft Looking to Acquire Minecraft Developer “Mojang”?

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

A new report from Wall Street Journal has indicated that Microsoft is looking to buy Mojang, the developer behind the popular title Minecraft.

However, upon asking for comment on this situation the spokesperson for both of the companies did not say anything.

This acquisition at this point would be quite surprising as Minecraft has already made its way to almost every platform available.

On the other hand, if this deal does happen then it would really benefit Microsoft as the game has made its mark on the gaming community and it is now among the most sold gaming titles.

Also, this will be first multi-billion dollar company acquisition for the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella and it could be the one that really pays off.

The main reason for popularity of Minecraft is the freedom that it gives to the players as they are able to create anything from the blocks available in the game. They call it the builder’s choice.

Mojang has become a big name now and considering what they have achieved on their own until now, it will come as a surprise to me if Microsoft manages to close the deal.

If Microsoft does acquire the company, we could see some new titles coming out from the developer which is a plus I guess. Anyway, only the time will tell if these reports are true or not.

What do make of this report? Do you think Mojang will agree to be a part of Microsoft?

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