League of Legends 4.16 Patch Notes, Cassiopeia Changes, Bug Fixes and More

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

One of the most popular PC MOBA titles League of Legends has received patch notes for the upcoming 4.16 update and it is going to bring in some big changes for the game’s Champions and also going to fix some bugs.

Accompanying these patch notes is a video that showcases some of the changes and fixes that will be part of this new patch. Check out the video posted above.

Riot has been focusing on to make the gameplay smoother, which is why previous updates of the game were focused mostly on issues that were ruining the players’ gameplay experience.

However, this time around Champions have been given an importance as well with most attention given to Cassiopeia who has received a new passive “Aspect of Seprent.”

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the Summoner’s Rift is also mentioned in this update, as the developer notes:

As we mentioned last patch, we’ve started patching some finished pieces of Summoner’s Rift to the live environment in order to minimize the size (and download times) of the eventual Summoner’s Rift launch patch. These pieces aren’t usable and we don’t have an official release date – for now these pieces will just be preemptively sitting on your hard drives.

If you want to get details on all the patch notes for League of Legends latest patch, then head over to game’s official website.

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