iPhone 6 and Gaming, Can We Really Get Console Quality Games?

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

The fiery reveal of Apple’s next flagship smartphone has everybody even remotely interested in phones turning their heads to know what it brings.

For us gamers, there’s good news too. While Apple itself announced that the two new models will herald ‘console quality’ gaming, there are others who claim that the resolution would be even higher than that!

Well with some next gen games running at 1080p, I can’t put it ahead of iPhone 6 games to beat those, but I am quite eager to see the results practically.

The new iOS 8 will bring a lot of improvements to mobile gaming on iPhone; however, one of those is the reduction in the load time for games. The OS will support preloaded shaders which were supposed to be triggered once you tapped a game on previous models.

Other than that iOS 8 Metal, as it is being called, will allow developers to target the GPU power more directly than previous iterations and allow 11 times faster draw calls.

The new 64 bit A8 processor is going to provide a 25% speed boost and a 50% improvement in the graphics. In comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus will have 285% more pixels – this might be the one jump that developers will need to tackle with due care.

With that and other such improvements, the only thing left to bring the effort full circle are the game makers. Worry not, for they have it all covered. Developers and publishers like EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Disney, CD Projekt Red, Epic Games and a lot more are going to be putting their heads together to develop iPhone 6 games.

iphone 6

Apple has confirmed that preorders will start on September 12 and the phones will be shipped on September 19, now all I need is a list of iPhone 6 games that those big names are developing.

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