The Evil Within First Boss, Village, Traps and More Detailed

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

We are down to the last month before the release of the Evil Within. While some had thought of it to be a generic zombie game at first, it sure is proving to be a LOT more than that. Shinji Mikami has surely done his part well! For evidence, we have a huge load of new details for you.

The October edition of Game Informer magazine – also titled as The Horror Issue – relives through the first couple of hours of the game along with the developers Tango Gameworks, revealing new tidbits about the game.

First off, the issue talks about the very first enemy that you are going to face. It will be a zombie like human donning a jacket and reminiscent of Resident Evil 1.

However, the first Boss you will go up against is going to be The Sadist. He wields a chainsaw and chases you all over the village. Face him, evade him, sneak up on him or use traps – he is yours to kill.

The village in question is from Chapter 3 and that is actually where the game starts opening up; giving you more choices and so on. Talking about the village, it is one example of how The Evil Within is going to make good use of traps.

Along with enemies, the traps will also be randomized. Some examples are a catapult that throws knives, bombs in boxes or enemies themselves hiding for an ambush. That is not all, the list of details is very exhaustive, so you might want to check it out yourself.

The Evil Within is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game will be haunting your game rooms on October 14, 2014 if you are living in North America or European Union and on October 16, 2014 if you happen to be living in Australia.

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