Destiny Moon Strike Mission ‘The Summoning Pits Guide

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

The Summoning Pits is the strike mission that takes place on the Moon. It’s a Level 12 mission where you’ll encounter enemies belonging to the Hive.

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Destiny Moon Strike Mission

Before entering the mission, it’s recommended that you go with Solar and Arc damage weapons to make the things a little easier.

Entering the Hive Fortress
Upon launching The Summoning Pits, your first objective will be entering the Hive Fortress from the Hellmouth. Keep on following the tracks to the Gatehouse and take out the three regular Knights guarding the entrance.

Getting to the Sword Room
Further down the passage, you’ll be greeted by a battalion of the Hive enemies including a Wizard. After clearing the area of enemies, continue on your way to the sword room.

Getting the Gate Opened
After approaching the gate, you need to use Ghost to open up the gate which will take a long while and alert many enemies. Draw your weapons, and get ready to repel enemies while the gate is being opened.

During this time, the area will become a Darkness Zone. During the first wave, you’ll encounter a bunch of Thralls and Knights. Aim to kill the weaker Thralls first and then move to take out Knights.

In the second wave, you’ll encounter some Acolytes, Knights, and even Wizards. Once again, focus on weaker Acolytes first and try to be always on the move to avoid taking damage.

The third and the last wave will comprise of Cursed Thrall, Knights, and several Acolytes. This group will later be joined by a Major Wizard and more a couple of more Knights. Once again, it’s not advisable to stick to the same area.

Going to the Summoning Pits
Once the gate is opened, follow the tracks in the cavern to go deeper into the Hive Fortress. In the next room, you’ll encounter an Ogre accompanied by a Major Knight with several smaller minions.

Once again, concentrate on the minions first, followed by the Major Knight and then eventually taking out the big dude. After clearing the area, go through the doorway and keep on following the cave’s tracks to get to the Circle of Bones.

Entering the Summoning Pits
Stick to the left side, and keep on taking out any enemy barring your way. Eventually, you’ll come across two Major Knights at the base of the entrance to the Summoning Pits.

After dealing with the couple of Major Knights, head over to the left side and enter the Summoning Pits.

Phogoth Boss Battle
Inside the Summoning Pits, you’ll come across an Ultra Ogre tied in chains – your final boss battle in this strike mission.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is never stand idle in the line of fire of the Phogoth’s eye blast. Another attack at his boss’ disposal is a ground slam which he unleashes as soon as you come near it.

Basic Strategy
As soon as the battle begins, you need to put your entire focus on the boss’ chest instead of its head – like in the case of many other Ogres.

Keep on attacking the weak spot until a bunch of Thralls come rushing to your position. Avoid spending a lot of time in the small entryway unless you want a Shrieker to take the place of these Thralls. Therefore, it’s advisable that you move out of the arena.

Always be on your toes and keep on hopping between the floor and the balconies to avoid taking serious damage. The best strategy involved in taking out this boss is to keep two players focused on the smaller enemies and the other one on the boss.

The mission ends when the boss falls down. Scavenge the area for additional loot and search the Gold Loot Chest on the lower platform.

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