Destiny Moon Story Missions Walkthrough Guide

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

Following the Earth, the Moon is your next stop to dive deep into the world of Destiny and level up your character. Rich with Helium filaments, the Moon is a home to many enemy factions – most notably the Fallen and the Hive.

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Destiny Moon Story Missions Walkthrough

There are a total of 5 story-missions that take place on this location. Here’s a quick rundown of everything:

The Dark Beyond

Your first objective in this mission is to track the Guardian in the Archer’s Line. After the drop, head over to the accelerator and enter the building on your left.

Once inside, go to the backside of the room and use Ghost to hack the computer to retrieve data on the Guardian. Soon, you’ll be overpowered by a bunch of Fallen enemies. Take out these enemies in addition to Stealth Vandals to get away with these foes.

Don’t forget to use walls to your advantage and avoid taking damage. The last enemies that you’ll encounter in this area are Fallen Captains and Servitor.

Once you’ve taken care of everyone in the area, you’ll be able to use Sparrow. Get to the next rooftop and you’ll see a Dreg on a Pike blocking your way.

Take out this enemy and gain control of its vehicle. Keep on going beneath the accelerator and eventually going inside the Anchor of Light. There will be a few Fallen enemies blocking the path; therefore, make sure to put the shock cannons to good use.

Once the enemies are taken out, head inside the domed structure and once again use Ghost to scan the computer.

Take cover near the large opening and keep on taking out enemies on upper and lower levels. Once done, take the small path and finally go through the hole in the rock.

You’ll eventually reach Guardian near the bottom of the hill – behind a large gate. At this point, you need to scan the body using Ghost.

While scanning, you’ll be overwhelmed by many enemies including Thrall, Acolytes, and Knights. Also, note that this area is a Darkness Zone.

Don’t stick to one place and take smaller enemies first and then stronger ones. After clearing the area of all enemies, enter the Temple of Crota and prepare to face off a Wizard.

It’s a good strategy to stick to the temple entrance and trying to take out the Wizard from a distance, but it’ll take a lot of time. After defeating the Wizard, revive the Dead Ghost to complete the mission.

The World’s Grave

Your first objective is to enter the Hive Fortress in the Archer’s Line. Hop over your Sparrow and get to the other side of the accelerator.

While on your way, take out the Fallen and a couple of Knights before entering the Hive Fortress. Keep on following the path to enter the Hall of Wisdom.

Once inside, you’ll have to deal with some Acolytes, a couple of Knights, and a Wizard in the first half of the area. You should weaken them from a distance and then get in to finish the job and get to the second half of the area.

In the second half, a Knight, Shrieker, Thrall, Acolytes, and a Wizard will be awaiting you. Once again, stick to the long range combat and then go inside to finish what’s left of the enemies.

After taking out everyone, head over to the Circle of Bones. The Circle of Bones is a Darkness Zone, so don’t be reckless!

In this area, you’ll encounter Acolytes, a Wizard, and a Knight. After defeating the first wave, go over the long fence on the right side to find the Major Knight. It’s better to finish off his cronies first and then focusing on the Knight.

Head over to the far end of the Circle of Bones to get to The World’s Grave where a bunch of Thralls will be waiting for you inside a cavern. Take out these Thralls and get to another Darkness Zone.

In this area, you’ll encounter a couple of Knights, Acolytes, and Thralls. Stick to the long-ranged weapons for the most effective results.

After taking out the enemies, use your Ghost to open up the World’s Grave which will deploy three waves of enemies. You’ll be encountering loads of Knights, Acolytes, and Thralls in this area, so it’s a good idea to save your Super Ability for the most dangerous foes.

Clearing out all enemy waves will complete this mission.

The Sword of Crota

First off, hop over your Sparrow and ascend up the Hill to reach the Hellmouth. You need to keep exploring the Hellmouth until you come across a bunch of Acolytes and a Major Knight called Banuk.

You need to defeat Banuk and his accompanying minions to progress through the mission.

After taking out Banuk, go inside the Hive Compound where you’ll be greeted by explosives from three Knights. Take out these Knights from a distance and go down into the Gatehouse which is a Darkness Zone.

You’ll be greeted by a bunch of Acolytes and a Knight in the Darkness Zone. Go through the corner and face Thralls, Cursed Thralls, Acolytes, and a Wizard.

Defeat the enemies and claim the Sword of Crota which will replace your weapons and super ability for a melee weapon.

Try and learn basic combinations of the sword on the initial wave comprising of Thralls and Acolytes. The second will bring out the first of the three princes that you’ll face in this mission.

Use your sword’s super attacks on these princes to make your job a little easier. Attack small weak minions to build up your super attack and then use it on princes to defeat all three of them and completing the mission.

Shrine of Oryx

Your first objective in this mission is to Enter the Hellmouth. Keep on going towards the Gatehouse and take out three Knights guarding the entrance. Once inside, you’ll see a battle going on between the Fallen and the Hive. Let them sort it out and go in to kill the remaining ones.

After taking care of the enemies, head inside the sword room and go through the doorway on the right side.

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to kill the Fallen Captain, Exiled Baron Frigoris accompanied by a some Stealth Vandals and Dregs. After taking out the Baron, head to the other side of the hideout and stick to the left side – taking out any Fallen enemies in your way.

You’ll eventually end up in the Hall of Wisdom which is a Darkness Zone. Here, you’ll encounter another battle between the Fallen and the Hive. Give it some time and then kill all the enemies followed by entering the shrine from the right side.

Keep on following the path and continue to take out Dregs and Acolytes on your way. Continue ahead and you’ll eventually come across an Ogre. Put this Ogre to rest along with a Knight and a crew of Thralls.

After entering the shrine, use the Ghost to find a way of destroying the Shrine of Oryx. The final enemy that you’ll encounter in this area is Sardok – the Ultra Knight.

The strategy is to kill the Acolytes and Thralls before taking on the Knight. Using your super ability and arsenal of heavy and special weapons help a ton. Kill the reinforcements and Sardok to complete this mission!

Chamber of Night

In the last mission of the Moon, your first objective is to scan a couple of cracks in the Hellmouth. Use your Ghost to scan both of them and prepare for a fight with Fallen enemies.

After the scanning is complete, you’ll need to go through the Anchor of Light and enter the Temple of Crota.

Stand at the entrance of the temple and use a long-ranged weapon to take out the Hive Ogre roaming inside. Once the Ogre is put to rest, take out the Acolytes and Knights inside followed by dropping to the bottom-zone.

Once you’re at the bottom-floor, go through the opening on the other side of the area. On the other side, you’ll be greeted by a Knight and a Wizard with some minions.

Clear out the area and go deeper into the fortress where you’ll meet Thralls and Cursed Thralls. Defeat the enemies and then head over to the World’s Grave.

The next area is a Darkness Zone so proceed cautiously! Stand at the entrance and try to take out most of the enemies inside. After clearing the area of enemies, head over to ritual chamber on the left side.

Once inside, you’ll come across three Siphon Witches. Get inside equipped with a Solar weapon and cut through their shields as soon as possible.

After you’ve taken care of the Siphon Witches, you’ll need to take care of a small battalion of the minions. A high-damage weapon which works effectively on close range is pretty much suited for this job. The last enemy that you’ll face in this area is a Major Ogre.

Take care of the smaller enemies first then divert your attention to the Major Ogre. Once it’s done, use your Ghost to scan the Shard and give a pat on your shoulder – you’ve completed the Moon missions.

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