Destiny Earth Strike Mission ‘The Devil’s Lair Guide

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

Along with story missions which can be played solo quite easily, Destiny offers players a somewhat hardcore experience intended for coordinated fireteams or through public matchmaking in the form of Strikes.

Strikes are of a higher level compared to other quests on the same planet hence intended to be attempted by players only when they have finished the other stuff on the planet.

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Destiny Earth Strike Mission ‘The Devil’s Lair

The Strike mission on Earth, titled The Devil’s Lair is intended for level 8 players and puts them against a huge variety of enemies from the Fallen and Hive enemy factions. The strike begins with the players being tasked to enter The Devil’s Lair through the Rocketyard which lies just outside the Refinery.

The area is a public zone so players can help each other kill enemies but since the Strike requires a fireteam of 3 players, most of the players will be adventuring here with other members of their fireteam instead of random players.

Players have to fight a large number of Hive Acolytes and Knights spread throughout the area and make their way to the building on the far end of the zone.

Once inside the Refinery, players will cross multiple hallways and come up on a battle between Hive and Fallen. Players can wait for them to kill each other or join in and get the extra experience which should be pretty easy if the fireteam has 3 Guardians at level 8.

The next objective of the Strike is to clear out the Refinery of any remaining enemies. Players will come up on multiple groups of Hive and Fallen fighting each other as they make their way to the next NavPoint.

Killing them can be quite easy if players manage to surprise them from behind. After all the enemies are cleared in the area, the fireteam has to deploy Ghost to hack a Mesh generator so he can take down a barrier which is preventing further progress.

The generator has 3 layers of security and hacking each takes time. When the hack starts, a ‘holdout’ moment is triggered and waves of various types of enemies attack the players while each security layer is being hacked. The enemy waves stop for a bit once a layer is down.

There are various entries to the area with which the enemies pour in but they can be covered well by a good sniper since the area has a few good perching spots. The snipers have to be careful though because if they get downed, it will be difficult for other team mates to get to them in time.

Once the third layer is down, the entrance to the next zone opens and enemy waves stop so players can easily collect all the loot dropped so far. The opening to the next zone is on the right side but players have to stay cautious of more enemies lying in wait.

The next area is a huge courtyard called The Blast. The courtyard is filled with Vandals, Dregs, Shanks and Captains along with a mini boss, The Devil Walker, a huge tank capable of wiping out the entire fireteam in one attack.

While killing the weaker enemies can be easier since there is plenty of cover, the Devil Walker is quite challenging and to top that off, more enemies keep coming in to assist it. Players have to stay on their toes and use cover as much as possible while making sure they don’t get too close to the tank.

The Devil Walker is most vulnerable at its legs and a small portion of its exposed neck. A good sniper can easily exploit the neck portion from a vantage point and do a decent amount of damage from a distance while other fireteam members focus on the legs as well as the waves of Shanks which the tank spawns.

The Devil Walker also has a cannon for some area damage, which should be avoided at all costs as well as a laser array which can be dodged by hiding behind the various containers littering the courtyard.

Once in a while, a small hatch opens on the Devil Walker with which it sprays out Shock Grenades which bounce around the map before exploding. While they can be dodged, the best strategy is to shoot them while they are inside the hatch to inflict a decent amount of damage to the tank.

The smaller enemies that spawn in this fight should be ignored as much as possible without them getting too strong to overwhelm the players. The main focus should be on the Devil Walker with the smaller enemies being reserved for recharging a player’s Super Ability, which does a great deal of damage to the tank.

The tank dies once all 6 of its legs are destroyed or if 3 legs are destroyed and there is a decent damage to its exposed neck. After the Devil Walker is dead, players can proceed to the next area in an attempt to find Sepkis Prime inside the Devil’s Lair.

A few Vandals and Dregs can be encountered on the way but they are easy to defeat. Following a flight of stairs, players will come up upon a big room which looks like a shipyard where Sepkis Prime is being guarded by an army of various types of Fallen enemies.

There are a few small structures and some obstacles in the way which can be used as cover to kill all the enemies guarding the boss. When all the enemies are dead, players are ready to take on Sepkis Prime as it drops its shields to become vulnerable.

Sepkis Prime is a giant version of a normal Servitor. Better armored and better equipped, the only way to kill it is by shooting the center of the ‘eye’ since its exterior is shielded by spiked metal plating.

While Sepkis Prime only has 2 types of attacks, Eye Blast and Pushback, they can be quite devastating in this place due to the oblivion down below in which players can fall and die. So it’s perhaps a good idea not to go too close to the boss or the edge of the railings.

The Eye Blast is a quick moving projectile which can be dodged if the players are quick on their feet. The projectile does a moderate amount of damage but it is not to be taken lightly since its damage combined with that from other Fallen enemies can quickly kill a Guardian.

Throughout the fight, more Fallen keep coming in to help Sepkis Prime but since they are just Shanks, Vandals or Dregs they can be killed easily and their ammo looted because players will need the extra ammo because this boss fight is pretty lengthy.

The main trouble with these reinforcements are the drop ships that bring them. These ships fire down on Guardians as well as drop grenades for area damage. There is no point in shooting the ships since they can’t be destroyed so the best strategy is to take shelter in something with a roof.

There is no special position in the area from which Sepkis Prime can be killed easily since it keeps moving a lot unlike the Devil Walker. The best strategy players can adopt is to stay moving and using their Super Ability as soon as it’s available and aim for the center of the ‘eye’.

Staying far away from the boss is absolutely necessary since the pushback attack is pretty fast and can’t be dodged. After Sepkis Prime is dead, the Mission End timer will start at which it’s a good idea to collect all the loot in the area as well as the Gold Chest under the right platform.

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