Chris Roberts Answers Ten More Questions About Star Citizen In a New Video

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

Just like last week, Chris Roberts has answered some more questions that were asked by the subscribers of Star Citizen.

First thing he talks about is the latest technology that is taking over the world, as he goes into detail about the electronic warfare, hacking of data, stealing of data from the databases of other ships and other stuff like that.

He continues on to tell us that we will be able to take jobs on the space ships of NPCs. After that he answers a question about using rovers on different planets.

The there is also some discussion regarding the principles that have to be taken into account when developers are crafting the unique environments for the Star Citizen’s universe.

There is a lot of stuff that he has discussed in this video and it is almost half an hour long, so make sure that you have enough time before starting it.

Star Citizen is looking right on track to become one of the biggest space simulator games ever made with the help of community.

What did you think of the answers given by Chris Roberts regarding the upcoming title?

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