Ascension Mode Releases for League of Legends

By   /   Sep 10, 2014

A new Ascension mode has been released today for League of Legends which pits two teams of five against each other to work together and score 200 points.

At its core, Ascension is very similar to the already present Dominion game mode. Players spawn on each side in an impassable ring. Each must use the Golden Transcendence trinket to teleport to the battlefield of their choosing.

Killing will be worth one point each, but capturing the map’s three relics of Shurima will earn your respective team three whole points. In the middle of the map lies the Ancient Ascendant Xerath, who grows ever stronger with time.

Killing him grants the player five points and in turn bonus health, infinite mana, cooldown reduction, armor and magic penetration. Suffice to say, getting the buffs isn’t really game changing, but will help in taking control of the game.

New Shurima icons will be rewarded to players who win one, three and five games. A fourth icon will be rewarded to anyone whose team claims ascension at least once during a match, yet prevents the enemy team from doing so for the duration.

For more information you can head over to its promo web-page here.

The Season 4 World Championships for League of Legends are about to go underway later this month. The grand final will take the final batch of teams to South Korea where Riot Games expects a full attendance in Seoul’s World Cup Stadium.

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