Wayward Tide is a New Action Adventure Game by Starbound Studio

By   /   Sep 9, 2014

Studio Chucklefish, mostly known for their 2D pixel sandbox game Starbound, has announced a new title in production, called Wayward Tide. It’s an action adventure game that will be oriented on cooperative play.

Once more, the game will use some colorful and illustrious pixel art, in line with games like Sword & Sworcery or Capybara’s Super Time Force.

Additionally, the game uses a pirate theme, which links it to the breezy style its published game in Treasure Adventure World uses as well.

In this top-down game, you and up to three others will go out into the world to find treasure scattered around five different islands, which will increase in difficulty as you go on. You’ll also meet with some enemies on your path, because it would be a bit too easy otherwise.

More so than that, Wayward Tide focuses on a competitive element with puzzles and such. In its announcement, it explains certain team efforts that can be sabotaged to kill off a player.

Death will come at a certain penalty and wiping out completely will reset the dungeon. Locations are randomly generated, so returning will offer a new challenge.

Loot can carry over after death, which allows characters to upgrade elements while in town.

Wayward Tide will follow the success of Starbound in the sense that it will try to include mod support as soon as possible to let the community take over.

Moreover, no one needs to worry about slowdowns in their other project, since the small team has announced that it will independently work from Starbound development.

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