The Sims 4 Hits Top Spot In This Week’s UK Game Chart

By   /   Sep 9, 2014

This week’s UK game sales charts once more clutter things up. After a short-lived week of nothing but remakes taking the center stage last time, The Sims 4 now easily climbed up to claim the top spot.

The Sims 4 rose up, despite there not being any review materials when it first released. Then again, this action of being left in obscurity is more than probably benefiting the game more than anything.

Reports are still coming in on The Sims 4 being more limited than its previous versions, with segmenting load screens and the removal of a lot of features, such as pools. Still, the franchise is a longtime favorite for the outlier demographic of gamers that don’t generally go for the hardcore titles coming out.

Speaking of which, Watch Dogs has made an impressive resurgence this week, coming back to number 2, after getting buried to the ninth place. Previously, the game also maintained the top honors for quite some time.

Behind the two biggest sellers, the trio of remakes stays nearly unchanged in the positions below. Metro Redux, The Last of Us Remastered and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition are still tightly grouped together.

After a weaker opening period at place 6, Madden NFL 15 already slumped back to spot 11. Then again, American football isn’t exactly a European draw.

Once more, Tomodachi Life on 3DS is the only real Nintendo seller in the pack, staying somewhere around the fifteenth place.

We’re going to go ahead and predict next week’s winner. Call it a hunch, but it’s likely that Destiny is going to blitz the competition.

Source: GFK Chart Track.

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