Trainz: A New Era Will be Published by Deep Silver

By   /   Sep 9, 2014

Publisher Deep Silver is further investing into companies with the announcement that they’ve struck a deal with developer N3V Games over Trainz: A New Era.

This makes the house that’s shipping Saints Row and Dead Island now also responsible for one of those simulator titles.

Granted, Deep Silver has had its hands in more of these sorts of projects. For instance, it’s still working on the Emergency series and it supports the Nascar releases, which really are just little vehicles going over and over on an oblong track as well.

Trainz: A New Era is one of several franchises currently trying to fight for the same limelight on PC, though it has already had a few entries. With this latest iteration, planned for the end of the year, it wants to improve on its realism and visuals.

There are three pre-order versions of the game available on the Trainz: A New Era site. It comes in a package of either $39.90, $69.90 or $109.90.

In the biggest bundle, you’ll get the game and 7 tribute routs, as well as a signed metal case, a full manual, five postcards and a printed keyboard shortcut sheet.

To its credit, the game is going all out for improved aesthetics. It even has wobbling wagons and environmental effects.

Plus, Trainz: A New Era has already proven its commercial viability with a Kickstarter campaign late last year, where it managed to pull nearly $200,000 in funds. It collected from over 1,500 backers.

Aside from benefiting from Deep Silver’s marketing, the company will also assist N3V games in quality assurance and localization efforts.

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