Ironcast Kickstarter Sees LittleBigPlanet Dev Marry FTL And Puzzle Quest

By   /   Sep 9, 2014

In recent times, we’ve been sent a few projects to take a look at, such as Stash just a few days ago.

Today, we’ve received a pitch from Daniel Leaver on their own Kickstarter project, Ironcast, which looks like an interesting title.

Leaver is an experienced game designer, whose previous employer in Media Molecule helped them create games like the first two LittleBigPlanet releases and Tearaway. For Ironcast, Leaver will go the way of the indie flock, given it’s not exactly a game that can be marketed to equal degree.

At first sight, Ironcast looks like a steampunk Puzzle Quest clone, with a board of gems at the center of a battle encounter between two mechs. However, while this is the main design in the game, the Puzzle Quest comparison is only skin deep.

Ironcast will use the board to match gems of appropriate color, which gets funneled into one of several specific compartments that fuel the mech. For instance, some nodes increase ammo, while others feed the shields necessary to fend off attacks.

Moreover, mechs can move forward, in an attempt to avoid incoming salvos. This makes Ironcast much more of a turn-based fight, as resources need to be managed, different arms have to be chosen and so on.

Moreover, the whole is poured into a roguelike campaign with an overarching story, where the Victorian British empire needs to ward off the French assailants. At the end of a set of randomly generated missions, you’ll encounter a boss fight that will pool all resources you’ve acquired since then.

It’s also possible to upgrade your mech with the scraps from the fallen. All these elements are much more reminiscent of FTL: Faster Than Light than anything else.

Ironcast’s hand-painted fight asks for a modest £10,000 for a PC release and it has already managed to pool more than half its target in a few days. A pledge starting at £6 will get you a copy.

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