Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Trailer Features Snowy Environments

By   /   Sep 9, 2014

A new trailer for Final Stand, the fifth and final expansion pack of Battlefield 4, takes us to the icy cold plains of Russia where the terrain is treacherous and comprises of a collection of secret military installations.

Unfortunately for fans, the debut trailer has no actual gameplay but instead offers an extended look at the environments themselves. Final Stand is going to feature four new multiplayer maps, all of which will send players to snow-covered battlefields.

The four new maps are called Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21.

While we’ve yet to know for sure what new weapons and vehicles will be featured in the DLC, DICE has teased that there will be an advanced Rail Gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy and an experimental hover tank that uses eight jet propulsion engines to maneuver that will be available to all players.

That certainly takes the game into a new direction, as supported by the statement made by DICE LA’s Kristoffer Bergqvist, who said that the studio wanted to “evolve the Battlefield experience and offer weapons and vehicles that behave differently than anything else on the battlefield.”

Finally DICE has also announced to be running servers in Battlefield 4′s Community Test Environment that will host one new Final Stand map per day. The event starts from today and is open to all Battlefield 4 Premium members.

A release date for Final Stand has so far not been mentioned.

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