WWE 2K15 Looking to Reinvent the Franchise With Better Features, Gameplay and Visuals

By   /   Sep 8, 2014

The upcoming WWE game is the first of the series that will be developed totally under the new management, which is why 2K wants to ensure that quality of WWE 2K15 is increased and made better with new features, visuals and realistic gameplay.

Furthermore, 2K is trying to utilize the power of new consoles to introduce new features exclusively for the latest generation.

Few screenshots that we have seen of the game are showing progress as the characters look very much like their real life counterparts, which is the first step towards improvement for the franchise.

The matches in WWE 2K15 have been revamped as well, as now they will progress just like they do in real life and the players will no longer be able to do the big moves until a fair share of damage has been dealt to an opponent.

The commentary which was getting really boring for the longtime fans of the series has been re-recorded and a lot of new stuff has been added for both Michael Cole and Jerry The King Lawler.

With all this effort put into the game, 2K really wants the franchise to pick up and reach new heights. WWE 2K15 is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 28th of October.

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