New GTA V Online Update Adds New Flight School Jobs, Missions and Air Races

By   /   Sep 8, 2014

Rockstar has added 16 additional jobs to GTA V Online. Acquire Target, Air Force Zero and G-Rating – all three of these VS mission modes will be updated with new jobs in addition to some new contact missions and air races.

That won’t be all, Rockstar also created a new Flight School Jobs Playlist which gives a range of new missions to the players.

Players who were unable to unlock the HighFlyer parachute pack in the recent weekend event in GTA Online shouldn’t feel bad at all because the pack is now available to all who complete this new playlist.

After you complete the playlist, just head to Ammu-nation and your Highflyer parachute pack will be waiting for you there.

New races, parachute jumps and capture include Airastrip (Rank 11), branching out (Rank 20), Flying colors (12) and Under the bridge (Rank 11). Maximum of 8 players can compete in these new additions.

While these can be played with a lower rank but to get in to the two new contact missions  “Chop Chop” and “Effin’ Lazers,  you will need a higher rank of 43 and 44 respectively so that our very own Trevor can assign you the missions.

GTA V is one of the biggest selling games of all time and now the title is making its next-gen debut on PS4 and Xbox One later this year. GTA V Online is expected to get more fresh content once the next-gen versions hit the market.

You can know more details about the update here.

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