Elite: Dangerous Newsletter Discusses the Exploration Element

By   /   Sep 8, 2014

The latest Elite: Dangerous Newsletter has shed some light on the exploration element of the upcoming title. The exploration system is something that wasn’t previously discussed so the developer decided to share some insights on the topic.

Players who find themselves in a previously undiscovered system can fly around looking for planets. And when they get there, they can scan them. If they find hitherto uncharted resources, they can log a claim for a hefty reward back in one of the core systems but there is always a catch isn’t it?

Scanning any planet will take time and you will have to fire out a major beam of energy that will light you up and any pirates in the area will be able to see you, so there’s a risk involved which should make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

“This is because an active scan consumes a vast amount of power – nothing even a Sidewinder’s drives can’t manage – but it is an incredibly bright beacon of emitted energy, visible across most of the stellar system they are in and easily tracked, and depending on the expertise of the player, it can take quite a while to get a full scan – easily long enough for most ships to super-cruise to the location. Even the basic scanner fitted to all ships since about the year 3000 is an incredibly sensitive instrument, and so they will find it easy to find such a player.”

You don’t know what you will find while exploring some ancient relic or an artifact of major value so keep exploring. You can read more details on the Exploration system here.

The space adventure title will be available for PC later this year. and OS X will get the game three months after that.

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