Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid to Open on September 16

By   /   Sep 8, 2014

It has been revealed that the toughest raid featured in Destiny, the Vault of Glass, will not unlock until September 16.

This gives day-one buyers exactly one week to fully prepare themselves. Given the short time, one can never underestimate the passion of players who can burn the midnight oil to ensure their online characters have reached full potential in quick time.

That passion would be needed here since your Guardian has to be rank 25 at least to be able to access the Vault of Glass. Not to mention the cruel traps and minions waiting for you inside. Reaching rank 25 doesn’t really matter if you don’t have the required inventory to boast.

The Vault of the Glass is a six-man raid and once successfully completed, will reset completely after one whole week.

Bungie does not plan to hand out any aid to players, as suggested by the game’s Lead Designer Luke Smith who said, “By design, we don’t provide much in the way of information to groups in Raids.

There aren’t waypoints to follow, or objectives explaining what to do in a given situation. Realistically, for many players, they’ll be turning to the Internet for help on how to do a bunch of the Raid.”

Destiny officially releases tomorrow for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: MoreConsole

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