Bungie Advises Fans Not to Consider Day One Reviews For Destiny

By   /   Sep 8, 2014

The most awaited game of this year, Destiny is going to launch tomorrow and Bungie just before that has warned the fans to not believe any day one reviews of the game.

The community manager for Bungie David Dague stated during weekly update that the Day One reviews of the game might not be able to give a clear picture of Destiny as it requires you to spend a lot of time until you really get to know the gameplay, story and other components of the game.

His exact words were:

We fully anticipate seeing day one reviews from folks who decide to kick the tires, but don’t have the time or patience to take our ride for a nice, long road trip. Some of you might wait to pick up a copy until you read the final verdict from your most trusted review house. We’re okay with that. We’ve created something we’re proud of.

Dague also stated that your journey in the game will actually begin when you have reached Level 20, which is the level cap for the game.

After that you will be able to promote your character, get new gear and go on unique missions that will really test your Level 20 character and in return you will receive some incredible goodies.

Destiny is going to hit the stores tomorrow for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Are you going to look at the reviews of Destiny or have you decided to try out Bungie’s next installment and make your own opinion?

Source: Bungie

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