Dead Rising 3 Crashes, Tweaks, Errors, Save Bug and Fixes

By   /   Sep 7, 2014

It’s only been a couple of days since the release of Dead Rising 3 on PC, and sadly the game is nearly broken because of the errors and crashes that plague it. Capcom has managed to cheaply port the title, and as a result the compatibility issues and fidelity is somewhat lacking.

Here are a few most commonly observed errors and issues that Dead Rising 3 users for PC have had to deal with.

#1 – Dead Rising 3 Crashes at Loading Screen
The notorious loading screen crash has given many Dead Rising 3 players trouble and is a common problem that hasn’t been addressed properly despite its widespread influence. The root of the problem is a missing file which [DE]Topperharly pointed out.

By downloading this file and placing it in steamapps\common\deadrising3\data\Gameplay you should be able to get rid of the loading screen crash and actually get into the game.

#2 – In-Game Crashes
In-game crashes have to do with the stability of the game, and despite several patches being released in an attempt to fix the issue, many have still fallen victim to random crashes. In order to fix this, there are two solutions that have worked for some of the users:

  • Right-click Dead Rising 3 in your game library. Select “Properties”, then the “LOCAL FILES” tab, and click “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” to ensure that there aren’t any missing or corrupt local version of your files.
  • Go to your installation directory and update DirectX from there.
  • Nvidia users should roll back to GeForce 335.23 WHQL drivers for their graphic cards. Make sure this is a fresh and clean install only after the older drivers are completely removed.

#3 – Dead Rising 3 Resolution Fix
Dead Rising 3 has a limited range of resolution options available, with poor overall compatibility with different aspect ratios. There is an out-of-game workaround for this issue:

  • Download the Custom Resolution Utility program.
  • Extract and run CRU.exe.
  • Inside the program, pay close attention to the left resolution options and the second large text box to its right under “Standard Resolutions”.
  • You need to now remove all the resolutions the game is forcing you to run with in the Standard Resoutions box, and also untick them on the left side of the program. Restart your computer after this, and the game should be forced to run on your native resolution.
  • If you wish to get your remaining resolution options back, you can simply run the reset-all.exe executable, which should change everything to default.

#4 – Dead Rising 3 Co-op Black Screen Fix
Some users have had problems with their screen going black after joining someone’s game. This problem seems to be tied with the resolution of the game. In order to asses it, temporarily run the game at 1280×720 at 50Hz before joining a co-op game. After joining, the black screen shouldn’t be there, revert back to your desired resolution, and the screen should stay the same. Again, this is just a work around and not a permanent solution.

#5 – Game Not Saving
There are problems related to Steam’s Cloud Saving that prevent you from saving the game properly if your local save is older than the one of the cloud. For this, you’ll need to disable Cloud Saving from Steam.

Before you do that though, try and keep a backup copy of your local save files located in My Documents/My Games/Dead Rising 3.

Now, you’ll need to delete them from here after disabling the Cloud Saving, and start off a new game, once you do start the new game, save and quit the game.

In order to prevent progress loss, you will need change the capitalization letters of the saves you backed up according to the newly generated ones, and then past them back into the DR3 folder in your Documents. Once you do, your progress should be back, and you can turn on Cloud Saving once again.

#6 – FPS Cap
The game’s frame-rate is poorly capped at a mere 30FPS, which is obviously insufficient for most PC users. In order to get rid of this cap, you’ll need to create a User.ini file in the same directory where the game executable is located.

Before doing so, make sure your File Name Extensions are activated through the Directory Options on your PC (extensions like .txt, .exe should be visible in the file name). Once they are, create a Text Document, and rename it to User.ini, ensuring the “ini” replaces the “txt” extension.

Open this settings file and paste the following:

gmpcr_unlock_frame_rate = True

This should get rid of the 30FPS limit on your game.

#7 – Game Running in Windowed Mode
If your game after launch is running in an unmovable windowed mode that occupies roughly 60% of the screen, chances are that you have TeamViewer running in the background. TeamViewer will conflict with the game and needs to be closed from the Notification Panel on your PC’s taskbar.

If this doesn’t seem to work or you don’t have TeamViewer but are facing this issue, try creating a new account on your PC, which should get rid of the problem.

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