At Its Core, Bloodborne is Identical to Dark Souls

By   /   Sep 7, 2014

Bloodborne’s availability on the PAX Prime show floor has given a lot of attendees to see first hand how the game operates and to know exactly if the hype train is for real.

To put it short, while Bloodborne is being tagged as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games, the game still is actually very similar and at the end of the day you would be playing a Dark Souls title will prettier visuals. That’s not bad at all.

From Software is probably following the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ notion and have looked to only slightly improve upon some aspects, while others remain as they were. In this case, the controls look to have been extracted right from the previous Dark Souls title. Players will be able to switch weapons quickly and smoothly during battle, without any interruptions.

The combat is similar as well, with the added features of new counters and evasive options. There’s also a new Regain system for which players need to strike back in a specific window of time, right after an opponent attacks. If successful, players will regain back some health. This incentive and the lack of shield will force players to adopt a more aggressive play-style.

Now comes the issue of difficulty. From Software had cheekily made the initial demos easier for fans. The recent version though finally shows the game for which the team is known for. Bloodborne indeed carries quite a few challenges and a simple mistake may cause death. In one case, a player successfully managed to apply the Regain system and counter an enemy. However the next hit that followed sent the player back to the underworld. You cannot afford to take anyone easy.

As for the visuals, the environments and backgrounds are very details. Character and monster models/designs are impressive and the PlayStation 4 looks to be running the game at constant 30 FPS. It’s possible that From Software raises this minimum FPS number to something better when the game’s release date comes closer.

Bloodborne is coming to Japan for PlayStation 4 on February 5, 2015.

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