Battlefield: Hardline Features 150 Ranks, 2 eSports Modes, and Brings Back Spectator Mode

By   /   Sep 7, 2014

Visceral Games’ General Manager Steve Papoutsis has clarified on Twitter that the next beta phase for Battlefield: Hardline will be open to all platforms.

The clarification came after previous reports that suggested that the second beta for the game would be happening in January and would be open only to users on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“Beta is coming to all platforms before launch,” he wrote. Papoutsis also took the time to answer some fan questions through which we have attained a few more details about the game.

According to Papoutsis, Battlefield: Hardline will feature 150 ranks in total and there will be benefits for pre-existing Battlefield Premium members, as well as Veteran Rewards. He however did not reveal as to what kind of rewards there will be for Premium members and Veterans alike. Judging from Battlefield 4, get ready for a weekly dosage of Battlepacks.

The game will also feature two eSports modes, the first of which has already been announced but the second is yet to be revealed. Papoutsis did mention that they “plan to have Spectator Mode as well”.

In total there are five new modes being worked on right now. As for the game’s vehicle-focused mode Hotwire, we’re promised a better detailed look into it in the next couple of weeks.

He also confirmed the addition of the M1911 hand gun, M416 Assault Rifle, a Ballistic Shield, the conventional Team Deathmatch mode, new vehicles and weapons. He also confirmed that weapons in Hardline will not be affected by visual recoil.

From the looks of it, the first round of expansion packs for the game will be released sometime in January, just over a month after the game launches on all platforms later this year.

Source Twitter

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