The Sims 4 Relationships Guide – How to Romance and Socialize

By   /   Sep 6, 2014

In The Sims 4, building relationships is as important as finding a career, developing skills, and pursuing aspirations. Relationships not only fulfil your Sim’s social needs, but also play a key role in developing a family.

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The Sims 4 Relationships

There are basically two types of relationships in the game – friendship and romantic. These two relationships are further divided into positive or negative relationships, based on your actions.

In this guide, I’ll be detailing different relationship and how you can build up a positive or negative relationship with the other Sims in the game.

Interaction and Introduction

The first step of building a relationship is by introducing yourself to the other Sim. There are primarily three types of introductions available to all Sims:

  • Friendly
  • Funny
  • Rude

There are some introductions which are available based on some skills. For example, a Sim with higher Charisma will have the options of flirty, enchanting, or cheerful introductions.

Introductions play an important role in determining the direction of your relationship, therefore; have a clear idea of where you want a particular relationship to go.


After getting introduced with a Sim, you’ll see LTR bar on top of your screen.

LTR stands for Long Term Relationship and shows where your relationship with a Sim is going. LTR bar will show the other Sim (with whom your Sim is interacting) with either one or two bars – one for friendship and the other for romance.

Using these coloured bars, you’ll instantly know where your relationship with the other Sim is headed:

  • Friendship Bar: Green is for positive and Red is for negative friendship
  • Romance Bar: Pink is for positive and Red is for negative romance

STC or Short Term Context is dedicated to the on-going conversation. For example, if a conversation with a Sim is pleasant, the STC window will notify you – similar is the case with awkward or uncomfortable conversations.

Social Interactions

After the introduction, you’ll have the option of socially interacting with the other Sim. At the beginning, you’ll have five social interactions to choose from which are:

  • Friendly
  • Funny
  • Romance
  • Mischief
  • Mean


It is a good idea to start off a positive relationship with a friendship and then work your way to romance.

In your neighbourhoods, you can interact with any Sim and begin conversation which will kick off your friendship with the other Sim. Keep on talking to the other sims which will provide you a better understanding of the other Sim and strengthen your friendship.

Tip: Don’t forget to check the LTR window from time to time.

Friendships are further strengthened by having similar traits. If your Sim and the other Sim share some common traits, they can talk about those and build a longer and stronger friendship. Furthermore, having a higher level in some skills allow you to talk about those skills with the other Sims.

The friendship relationship starts off with being acquaintances to being good friends and eventually best friends. And getting there demands nothing, but socializing with the other Sims.

Keeping the Friendships Intact

Friendships in The Sims 4 are easily breakable if you don’t give your friends due attention. Even the best friends can revert back to being acquaintance if you don’t pay heed to their demands.

Not only this, but these friendships can also turn into negative relationship.

A few ways to keeping your friendship with the other Sims intact is by chatting with them on mobile phone or internet. You can also invite them to your home and start partying or talk. And lastly, you can plan out some trips to different neighbourhoods and give your friends their due share of your time.


While roaming outside to meet someone new, keep a close eye on the emotions of other Sims. The gait and actions of Sims often give away a lot about their emotional state.

Another thing you’ll experience while outside is the constant bugging caused by other Sims which could ruin your progress. To get rid of this thing, you can invite the Sim to your home or a secluded place and be done with it.

Also note that not all of the interactions with the other Sim are confined to conversation. After progressing a little, you can go physical interactions which involve taking a picture, hugging, and bumming.

Lastly, having common traits and skill can help you advance relationships a lot faster. Talk about the common interests and skills and you’ll have a best friend in no time.

Mean Relationships

Being mean can be considered as the opposite of friendship.

The social interactions revolving around being mean tend to turn the friendship bar in LTR towards Red side. Exactly opposite of friendship, the mean relationships begin with disliked to despised and then eventually to an enemy.

If you plan to make the other Sim your enemy, you can begin with a rude introduction and even take part in a fist fight right from the bat – this can speed things up.

A small thing to keep in mind is that negative aspirations and traits play a major role in developing this kind of relationships. With these kinds of aspirations and traits, your Sim will become happy after making other Sims miserable.

Romance and Romantic Relationships

Like mentioned above, a romantic relationship is entirely different from a regular friendship. After getting introduced and interacting with another Sim, a romance bar (different from friendship bar) will appear under the LTR window.

I have mentioned above that every relationship more or less starts off with a friendship and you should keep this in mind!

It’s not a good idea to directly go with for a romantic relationship. Start off with a friendship and then work your way up to romance. If you choose to go directly for a romantic relationship, there are high odds that you’ll end up being rejected – avoid it!

Note: Romantic relationship can be initiated with any Sim regardless of the gender and a Sim can have more than one partner at any given time.

Similar to friendship, romantic relationships also has different levels. Two romantic partners begin with Romantic Interests to Lovebirds which leads to becoming sweethearts followed by being girlfriend/boyfriend and eventually getting engaged or married.

When going for marriage, two partners can either elope together or plan a big wedding depending upon your preference. Once the marriage is done, you can add your partner to your active family and live happily ever after.

Similar to friendship, romantic relationship is not all about conversation. You can also go for physical acts like offering the partner a rose, holding and kissing your partner’s hands – all of these acts speed up things.

After progressing through the romance a bit, you can go for your first kiss and even inviting your partner to your house to make out – which is the end game for many.

All that Starts Well Might Not End Well

Starting off a good and strong relationship doesn’t ensure its longevity and happiness – similar to real life. Like I mentioned in the Friendship section of this guide, friends can even become acquaintance and enemies if you don’t give them proper time.

In addition to this, there are aspirations like Serial Romantic Aspiration which require a Sim to break up with multiple partners or have multiple partners at the same time which disturbs a smooth relationship.

Having multiple partners and especially in front of some other partner gives rise to a factor called jealousy. This eventually leads to negative moodlets and eventually a breakup.

Speaking of breakups, girlfriends/boyfriends can breakup at any given time which gives sad moodlet and also affects their emotions.

Any attempt at building another romantic relationship after a recent breakup will fail and your Sim must apologize to its partner and try some remorse followed by a keeping a friendly relationship to get into another romantic relationship.

Lastly, your Sim can also divorce its husband/wife which will affects its emotions with greater intensity and coming out of these emotions will take a lot of time – so ponder over your decision before making it!

This is all we have on relationships in The Sims 4. If you have any question, throw them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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