Team Fortress 2 Fan Art Gets Mistaken As A US Propaganda Poster

By   /   Sep 6, 2014

There are 2 things Valve’s free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 is famous for; hats and its outrageously funny and stereotypical characters.

Well that stereotyping just ended up working against the game and some Russians were led to believe it’s all a propaganda campaign by the US.

A Team Fortress 2 fan art which was originally intended to make players leave the Soldier class in game and switch over to the Demoman was recently aired on a Russian news channel as part of a World War I documentary where it was declared to be a propaganda poster by the US against the Germans.

The poster depicts a monstrous man in a uniform tossing an infant into his mouth, with the caption: “Soldiers eat babies. That’s a fact.”

Propaganda Poster

The soldier here is in fact the Soldier from Team Fortress 2.

A voiceover in the documentary claimed the painting had been created by a U.S. organization called the Committee on Public Information, which allegedly created propaganda posters of “German monsters” to get the message across that “Germans are the devil incarnate.”

The poster was actually created by a Finnish artist in 2009 who goes by the nickname TankTaur and can still be seen on his DeviantArt page.

There has been no word from Valve or the artist regarding this incident.

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