Star Citizen Arena Commander V 0.9 Has Been Delayed Once Again

By   /   Sep 6, 2014

Cloud Imperium has revealed that 0.9 update for Arena Commander which was going to bring co-op and racing to Star Citizen has been delayed.

The developers revealed that a final meeting was held at the studio, where the future of Arena Commander was discussed, and then it was decided to hold off on the release.

Cloud Imperium wrote on the game’s official website:

The decision from the production team was that we are not go for release at this time. While we hope that today’s build will resolve some of the last remaining blockers we do not want to release a build that has not been thoroughly tested as these fixes may have had knock on effects.

Additionally, Star Citizen’s team members have gone above and beyond lately so we didn’t want to make people work straight through the weekend again, as some worked over Labor Day and we’ll be immediately sprinting to V0.9.1 and ultimately V1.0.

We know some will be disappointed not to play this weekend, but we’re also cautious about releasing an untested build to our community.

This is really disappointing for the fans who have been dying to get their hands on the game but due to so many additions that have to be made in the update, developers are taking their time and hopefully, we will get this 0.9 update sooner rather than later.

Cloud Imperium should also stop posting release dates like this and only mention them when they are certain that the update will see the light of day without any further delays.

What do you think about this latest delay in Arena Commander for Star Citizen?

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