H1Z1 Developers Remove Starting Axe After Player Feedback

By   /   Sep 6, 2014

For any game in its early developmental stage, player feedback is essential and not only taking feedback but also acting upon it. Well that is exactly what Sony Online Entertainment seems to be doing with its upcoming zombie survival game, H1Z1.

In a recent news update on the game’s website, Jimmy Whisenhunt, Senior Game Designer on H1Z1 discusses with eager fans how PAX Prime and SOE Live affected the H1Z1 and influenced the developers to make some major changes in the game after feedback from players who tried the game on those conventions.

According to him, following player feedback the developers had lengthy discussions regarding changes to the way players are spawned in the post-apocalyptic game world with the biggest change being implemented in terms of the starting equipment a player’s character receives upon dropping in the world.

Since H1Z1 is basically a MMO without the level up system and the rewards that come with it, and since it’s a zombie survival game, the developers wanted to add more challenge to the early game content while being rewarding and giving players a feeling of progression, which is why a new character will not spawn with a starting axe.

This move puts more focus on start game scavenging which is exactly the point of such a game.

Other features have also been tweaked such as weapons now spawning in visible locations and melee combos being made easier. The detailed news update can be seen here.

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