Bravely Second New Characters And The Possibility Of A New Job Teased

By   /   Sep 6, 2014

If this image from the upcoming issue of Japanese publication, Shonen Jump is to be believed, Bravely Second, the sequel to 2013’s 3DS JRPG title Bravely Default is getting 3 new characters as well as the possibility of a new job.

So who are these new characters? Well from the looks of it they are musketeers, kind of like the Three Musketeers and part of the Orthodoxy Knights dedicated to protecting Pope Agnes. Their names are Yuu, Jean & Nikolai, and apparently Yuu will be the main protagonist in Bravely Second.

Yes that’s right; Bravely Second will have a new protagonist! Since all three seem to be wearing the same uniform, it is possible that the musketeer is possibly a new job in the game.

The other confirmed protagonist for Bravely Second is Magnolia Arch and she is apparently from the world’s moon and the last survivor of her kind since a demon attack wiped out her entire race after an attack on their homeland.

A whole new set of protagonists for the sequel might be actually a good move since Silicon Studio developed Bravely Default didn’t really have any characters with which the players could feel particularly attached.

No release date or language localization out of Japan has been announced yet for Bravely Second.

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