Yogscast Offer Free Landmark Key To Yogsventures Backers

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Content creation network Yogscast has partnered up with Sony Online Entertainment for the purpose of promoting Landmark. More importantly, the Youtube company will use this opportunity to repair some of the trust with jilted fans who supported the now abandoned Yogsventures game.

Every backer of Yogsventures will receive a free key for the lowest Settler Founder’s Pack tier in Landmark. It’s not specified whether or not this is a Steam key, but it will be available for both normal Kickstarter backers, as well as those who supported through PayPal.

Furthermore, Yogscast uses its promotional tactics to get anyone a free trial key, as long as you apply to their Landmark page. You’ll be able to partake in the world for seven days, before deciding if you’d like to stay.

We did one of those seven day Landmark trials and it’s plenty of time to get something nice going, so don’t worry about time constraints. Moreover, downloading the Everquest app and other means can give you added trial keys, if you’re really trying to coast it out.

Previously, Yogscast offered Yogsventures backers a free key of TUG, another sandbox title in production. While this isn’t an ideal situation and not all backers were pleased with it, at least Landmark adds a much bigger project to the compensation.

Still, for those who backed hundreds or even thousands into the abandoned Kickstarter game, no amount of games can really make up for the loss.

Landmark is currently in Early Access on Steam and available through its own portal as well. Aside from just building your own spot in the world, the game has recently also announced combat.

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