Watch Dogs Seems To Be On Track For Nintendo Wii U

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

After Ubisoft revealed that their major AAA titles did not sell on Nintendo’s consoles, many believed that the Watch Dogs might not see the release on Wii U.

However, a user of the home console has managed to take a screenshot of the Uplay application that proves that Ubisoft’s open world title is still on track; check out the image above.

Some other Nintendo users have reported that this image has been there from the day one on Uplay application and hopefully, fans of the game will get an official announcement from Ubisoft sooner rather than later.

Watch Dogs released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC at the end of May and was pretty successful as the game reached 4 million in sales before end of June.

Watch_Dogs features Aiden Pearce as the main character who has lost his niece to some people, and now he is trying his best to get back at them. The game does not force you into gunfights as it allows you to complete your missions stealthily giving you different ways to complete the missions.

The owners of Wii U are getting impatient now and if Ubisoft wants to release Watch Dogs for the platform, then they should clarify this ambiguity so that fans can rest easy.

Do you think Watch Dogs is on its way to Wii U?

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