Super Game Jam Creators Apologize For Late Episode 4

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Indie development documentary Super Game Jam has updated to its fourth episode and out now on Steam. Again, you can momentarily grab the full season for a 25% discount off its normal price, if you haven’t dug into the films yet.

Each time, a duo of developers come together and work on a project for 48 hours, which is documented from concept start to working finish. This episode’s team consists of Jonatan Söderström of Hotline Miami and Martin Jonasson from stylish strategy game, Rymdkapsel.

Themes for the games are handed down by the previous teams who worked on project. For Jonatan and Martin, that topic is underwater, which is usually an irksome thing in video games.

Still, the two seem to roll with it and come up with a basic multiplayer shooter called Torr. As with all Super Game Jam projects, the prototype is also available for those who buy the documentary.

You will, however, need to plug in two wired Xbox controllers to play Torr, which is not exactly something everyone has around. This game wasn’t made with loners in mind.

Some who have been watching the documentary closely may have noticed that the episodes are running late. Bram Ruiter, one of the creators, has taken to Steam to issue an apology and an explanation for it, which states:

If one thing goes wrong, the entire thing suffers, since everything has to be lined up before implementation and submission. With episode 2 it was an editing issue (as in: a scheduling conflict with traveling, editing and producing at the same time). With this episode, it’s actually that the game doesn’t run.

Ruiter explains that the whole thing had to synced up together, after which they had to wait on Steam’s response, before they could update anything. Additionally, Ruiter said that they would try to communicate sooner next time.

There’s still one episode of Super Game Jam to go.

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