Square Enix Would Love To Bring Dragon Quest X To The West

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Dragon Quest X despite being in huge demand has not made its way to the West yet and that’s sad but there is hope. In a new interview, developers have stated that they would love to bring the popular MMORPG to other regions.

In an interview with Siliconera, Dragon Quest’s executive producer Yuu Miyake and mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto stated that they would love to bring the game to the West, but a lot of things have to be considered before it can be done.

We’d love to do it! In terms of this being an MMO, again, we have to consider the operation and logistics of how to make that feasible. We also have to think about it from a business standpoint. With Final Fantasy XI and XIV, it’s a global-scale endeavor.

In terms of Dragon Quest, the way it’s perceived in the different countries is very, very different. How it’s perceived in Japan is different than how it’s perceived in the United States.

They continued on to say that for the western release, developers will need to have separate data centers for almost every location, and currently they are trying to see details on how things will work if the game is to be released in other regions and as for now, Dragon Quest X is staying in Japan.

Dragon Quest X upon its release received a pretty good reception from the critics as the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu gave it a rating of 36 out of 40.

Would you like to see this MMORPG making its way outside of Japan?

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