NBA 2K15 New Ratings System Explained By Mike Stauffer

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

As it was revealed before by 2K that this year’s basketball game, NBA 2K15 is going to feature a different kind of rating system giving an even more realistic feel to the game.

The ultimate objective of this new rating system is to calculate and give accurate rating for the players so that it shows the player’s actual value in NBA.

Every player of the team holds equal importance in the match, which is why NBA 2K15 has introduced this new system.

However, those of you who still haven’t figured out what this new rating system is, check some of these answers given by Mike Stauffer, who is the production assistant of rosters in NBA 2K franchise.

Q: So if I have two SG’s with identical attributes but one is a “Defensive” and the other is “3PT” they will produce two different overalls?

Mike: Good question! No, the individual ratings will determine what player type (per position) to use.

Q: If a player gets traded to another team, does the overall change?

Mike: No. It is 100% based on a player’s attributes.

Q: So basically what you are saying is that the 2K ratings being released paint an incomplete picture without releasing the player types as well?

Mike: Not exactly, and this post should address other confusion in the thread:

For every player, their individual ratings will run through all of the overall formulas possible for a given position. Whichever formula generates the highest overall is what is displayed in the roster. The individual attributes matter more than ever in determining a players overall.

This new rating system is looking good as it will provide spot light to some of the mediocre players in the game as well.

We will see how much success this new rating system becomes, when NBA 2K15 launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC on October 7th.

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