Kickstarter For Stash Wants To Bring Change To MMO’s

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Believe it or not, but we enjoy getting messages from you where you point us towards things you enjoy. So, when one of you got in touch with us to show off the Kickstarter campaign for Stash, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) title in production, we went to take a look.

Stash is in hands of developer Frogdice, who has made some original takes on the roleplaying game (RPG) genre already with Dungeon of Elements and Reignmaker. Some are better than others, with the latter example in particular being nicely mashing together things from tower defense and match-3 games.

With Stash, the company sets to continue their originality, particularly by making combat turn-based in a usually real time realm. They use inspirations from a lot of Dungeons & Dragons classics for battles, from titles such as Baldur’s Gate or even the lesser known Temple of Elemental Evil.

Going further still, the MMO wants to remove binding items on pickup, because the team feels this lessens the community impact. For quests, it wants to avoid listing hundreds of objectives, instead opting for a more open approach.

Even bolder, Stash wants to remove level caps. They list their experience for the now unconventional model with Threshold, their previous RPG that’s now almost two decades old.

You’ll also be able to own a piece of land in Stash. Housing can be upgraded from small beginnings to large castle, complete with in-door decoration, a little like Wildstar.

Stash can be taken on alone, but a party can tag along as well. That looks a little like NEStalgia, though hopefully it won’t be as expected as in that example.

The whole is molded in Frogdice’s own brand of plastic-looking visuals, colorful and whimsical.

It certainly sounds like an ambitious title, which is always a tricky situation when it comes to projects. Currently, Stash is at $37,000 from a needed $50,000, with 8 days to go to complete its goal.

Stash will release for PC and since it uses the Unity engine, it will also see towards versions for Ouya, PS4 and Xbox One. A minimum pledge of $15 gets you a copy.

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