Here’s How Destiny Remote Play Works on Vita

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Sony has released a new trailer which shows how Destiny players will also be able to play the game remotely on their PlayStation Vita.

Developer Bungie has managed to convert Destiny’s entire control scheme for Sony’s handheld and as shown in the video, it works beautifully with remote play.

From the video we gather that the screen of the Vita is divided into three columns that can be each tapped to toss a grenade, execute a melee attack, or summon Ghost for assistance. To sprint players need to hold down the D-pad, while the Triangle, Circle, Square, and Cross buttons help to switch weapons, crouch/slide, reload/interact and jump respectively.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony also revealed that Destiny’s beta was the PS4 game most people used the Remote Play feature for during the entire month of July. That’s a pretty amazing achievement considering that the game hasn’t even released yet.

Destiny on the PlayStation 4 is going to feature an exclusive Strike Mission that will remain exclusive for a full year. Yesterday we got to see a video which walked us through one of its mission called Dust Palace. Set on Mars, it can only be accessed by players who have reached level 18 in the game and offers quite a few challenges.

Guardians who successfully clear the mission get rewarded with exotic weaponry, including the Monte Carlo auto rifle and Hawkmoon hand cannon.

Destiny is on schedule to be released on September 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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