Get Evoland As Today’s Steam Deal, Prepare For Evoland 2

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Today’s Steam deal is the roleplaying game (RPG) Evoland, which offers its alternating adventure for just €2.49 or 75% off its normal price. We don’t often tell you about these deals, because if we’re being candid, they happen way too often to even register.

Still, there’s a reason we want to mention Evoland and it’s not just because it’s a charming little piece of commentary on its RPG genre. It’s also mentioned because developer Shiro Games has just announced Evoland 2 and this could get you ready to experience it.

The sequel will also be titled Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, though we’re hoping we won’t have to keep mentioning that over and over. It will, however, use the theme from its progenitor with some new elements.

What’s special about Evoland is that it takes you through a journey of the history in RPGs. You’ll start with the most basic of graphics and eventually go through some classic styles.

This includes Gameboy visuals, classic 16-bit isometric views, Final Fantasy references and even a full 3D experience. If you’re a fan of the RPG style as a whole, you should really give it a try, especially if you’re prone to nostalgic designs.

For Evoland 2, the game will expand on not just altering its time-sensitive looks, but also the genre you’ll be playing. So, you won’t just be playing an RPG, but you’ll also see the game as if it were a platform title, a strategy game or even a top-down shooter.

Time zones will alter in Evoland 2, but you’ll be able to find most play styles in all periods. Hopefully, we’ll see some more info soon.

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