CS: GO Catching Up to the Popularity Of Dota 2

By   /   Sep 5, 2014

Dota 2 is the most played game on Valve’s digital distribution and game client, Steam with its peak players in a 24-hour period reaching around 700 thousand and concurrent players being rarely less than 200 thousand.

Well, it seems that it might have a serious contender pretty soon from the fps genre.

Another one of Valve’s titles, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is only 74 thousand concurrent players behind Dota 2 according to the recent stats from Steam page.

While the peak players is barely around 200 thousand, the number of concurrent players has seen a massive growth since last year.

CS: GO’s sudden popularity could be due to the recent release of its Operation Breakout, which adds more content to the game in terms of maps and weapons.

Being the fourth main title of the Counter Strike franchise which started in 1999, CS:GO was released in 2012 and is an objective oriented game where both teams, Terrorists or Counter Terrorists are tasked with a job which they have to complete in short rounds.

A number of rounds end up forming the complete match.

CS: GO is available for Windows, OS X, Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and a US only version on PSN for PlayStation 3. Windows and OS X users also have the ability to take part in cross platform multiplayer.

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