Xbox One Japan Launch is Sad – More Reporters, Less Buyers

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

Let me admit that I didn’t expect the Xbox One to soar through the skies of Japan with mountain high sales figures on its launch day, but I did expect some level of enthusiasm.

However, it seems like the release has been a bit too late; or maybe the Sony in Japan is too grand to match in comparison.

The Xbox One launched in Japan on Thursday, September 4 and according to a report by Yahoo Australia, the number of journalists covering the launch outnumbered the buyers who were there to purchase it.

In fact, at one specific retailer, there were no queues just one customer who came in to buy the only Xbox One sold in that shop. Even the buyer was surprised:

I was surprised that I was the first one to get this even though I didn’t wait in a queue. It may be because the bad impression of earlier models still lingers.

Well, I think he is right about that last part. If you compare the sales of the last generation of consoles by Microsoft and Sony, there was a stark contrast between them.

When the PlayStation 3 sales had been around 824,000, the Xbox 360 had only managed a lousy 20,000. This also comes in wake of the increasing difference in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales – the latter touched 10 million mark recently.

Anyhow, Microsoft has announced that they are going to reach out to 29 different territories in the next month or so and Xbox One Japan launch was only the first one of them. Let’s see how it treads in the other markets.

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