Xbox Japan GM Weighs In on Xbox One vs. PS4 Debate

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

The debate as to whether the Xbox One is better or PS4 continues even now, almost a year after the launch of both devices and this time Japan’s Xbox General Manager Takashi Sensui has weighed in the discussion following the release of the console in Japan.

In an interview with Japanese site AV Watch, Takashi admits that in the western titles released so far, PS4 has had a noticeable edge in terms of visuals but according to him that’s on developers instead of the limited capabilities of Xbox One.

Takashi believes that understand the hardware of Xbox One was a difficulty job but now that the machine has been out there for a while, developers will focus on it, and the future game releases will see a much better quality with which everyone will be satisfied.

He also mentioned that while improved visuals increase immersion, they are not everything and the benefits of Xbox One and Xbox Live are pretty important, especially Xbox One’s cloud support, which will allow for improved products in the future.

In addition to that, Sensui-san explains that there’s a great potential in indie games nowadays, and since there are many exclusive titles coming through the ID@Xbox program, there’s a chance of a hit there.

So do you think Xbox’s Japanese GM’s justifications as to why the console is failing to deliver the same performance as its rivals are correct?

Does Cloud really possess the potential to radically change the Xbox One gaming experience and deliver far superior products? Share your thoughts below!

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