Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Answers Some of the Fans Questions in a New Video

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

The creator of the famous title Star Citizen, Chris Roberts has decided to answer some of the questions asked by the fans related to the upcoming game.

In a new video which is attached above, Chris Roberts picks up the best questions asked from the fans on Reddit and answer them.

In the beginning, he talks about the inventory system of the game, as he mentions that it will always be changing depending upon the outfits of the players. In addition to that, there will be different kind of inventories for player characters, ships and other stuff like that in the game.

In response to another question, Roberts shed some light on how the balancing of weapons will play out in the game. Also, he talks about the current and future weapons of Star Citizen.

After that, he talks about NPC factions in the game, then he moves on to tells us how long your ship will be able to survive as you play through the title. In the end, he also provided some details on the “Caterpillar.”

If you want to find more about the aforementioned features of the game, then do check out the video attached above.

Star Citizen is growing in popularity with every passing day and game’s funding goals clearly reflect that. However, full release of the game is still far away as it is expected to launch by the end of 2015.

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