Apparently, Sims 4 Pirated Copies are Having Blurred Screen Issue

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

Most of the PC games get pirated and are available around the internet if you know where to look. Unfortunately for some users who wanted to play the The Sims 4 without paying a dime, privacy has come back to bite them hard in a weird and funny way.

People who downloaded the cracked or pirated version of the game are experiencing odd situation. Wherever a player sends his his/her Sim to the bathroom or to take a shower their Sim or in some cases the whole screen gets blurred. Not temporarily but permanently. So far the reason behind this issue is unclear.

Sims 4 just recently came out and even though being one of the best Sims experience, it’s still a product which a lot of people at EA worked on and it is highly unethical to steal a product which they worked hard on.

Some people defend piracy by arguing that they need to test the game first completely before they spend their money. Well, although it seems like a valid argument, but most games have demos or open betas before the full launch.

Sims 4 has a demo too which you can download and test it out instead of pirating the IP. You can check out some of the examples of the issue of blurred screen in the images below.

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