Good at League of Legends? You can Get a College Scholarship

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

Alright this is interesting; a college in Chicago has gone beyond the barriers of traditional eligibility criterion of scholarships based on athletics and welcomed a commendable group of League of Legends players in their college at discounts.

The college in question is Robert Morris University and they recently sponsored 60 students on athletic scholarships based on their League of Legends skills.

All this had started with their athletic director Kurt Melcher discussing the idea of bringing esports players to the college on sponsorships. The idea was so popular among the board members that it only took them only two weeks to roll it out.

The scholarship covers their tuition fee, room and board which will all be discounted to 50%.

When Riot Games advertised the opportunity, the college had received as many as 2200 applications only in the first 2 days. However, this is not the only endeavor of the said college; they are already relying heavily on athletics by offering sponsorships on the basis of bowling, cheerleading as well as dancing.

The 60 successful students will now get to compete in the college for League of Legends matches and maybe take the college team further in the esports world.

This is indeed a great gesture showing that people and institutions are finally starting to grasp the idea of esports can actually be regarded on equal footing with usual sports.

So, college scholarships any one? I am sure that the Robert Morris University can accommodate a few more of the League of Legends players on their students register for athletic scholarships, don’t you think? Good people.

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