Outland 2 Possibly Teased by Housemarque?

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

Housemarque teased an image on Instagram just hours ago and if I take a wild guess, it seems to indicate a sequel to the 2010 release of Outland.

Housemarque is the developer behind the Playstation 4 Exclusive launch title Resogun and the recently released Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. The dev took to Instagram to tease an image most probably related to their upcoming project.

The patterns seen in the image are pretty similar to the one we have seen in Outland.

You can see an image from the original Outland to get a better idea:

outlandOutland is a platform  game and was developed by Housemarque while Ubisoft published this ambitious title. The game was first demonstrated at Penny Arcade Expo 2010.

It combines two-dimensional platforming with a polarity system similar to Treasure’s Ikaruga and Silhouette Mirage. Outland was released in April 27, 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade. The PlayStation 3 version was delayed because of the PlayStation Network outage then later released on June 14, 2011.

Right now it is anybody’s guess. It could be Outland or may be even a completely new IP.

Whatever it is, this has got us excited and more news is expected “Soon” as the image is indicating. Stay tuned to segmentnext as we will keep you informed as soon as some solid news is revealed by Housemarque.

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