Disgaea 5 Story, Characters and Screenshots Revealed by Nippon Ichi Software

By   /   Sep 4, 2014

Couple of days ago Nippon Ichi Software had taken the stage on Sony’s pre-TGS Conference to announce Disgaea 5, the next installment in the strategy roleplaying game. However, nothing else was disclosed which left most of the fans yearning for more.

Well, yearn no more. Thanks to Famitsu, the devs have finally loosened the noose on the sack and out came details of all sorts; characters, storyline, and screenshots – you name it.

So the game’s biggest evil is Void Dark, ‘the strongest, most evil demon emperor.’ He rules with his treacherous one million strong soldiers known as The Lost and destroys countless Netherworlds with them.

As a result, Overlords and heirs of multiple Netherworlds are going to band together to get back at The Lost and find comfort in as much of the revenge they can get.

While at it, some of the key characters at hand will be Kiria, Seraphine and Usaria. The first is a demon that has powers that could compete with an Overlord, but he is in it just for a personal grudge he has with the Void Dark.

The second, Seraphine is an Overlord – rich, brave and beautiful – she has also rebelled against a political marriage her parents wanted for her and so ends up being a runaway. The last one, Usaria is cursed and she needs to keep eating curry in order to stop herself from going berserk. She is an heiress from the Rabbit Underworld.

Check out the screenshots in the gallery and tell us what you think of Disgaea 5 and everything that Nippon Ichi has planned for you this time.

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